Thursday, May 23, 2013

PhotoSpring hiking in the mountains......... My hiking buddy, Joy and I have been on two spring hikes in the past week. Once again this place of Marble has amazed me. Our hike today took us to Crystal (an old mining village that people still summer in). This hike follows the Crystal River.

Spring brings the runoff from the mountain snowpack and the river
was in a state that I had never seen. Last year we did not have enough snowpack and I did not get to see this showing off of nature. The river was a torrent with waterfalls filling it from the peaks surrounding it. This massive power of water rushing and raging across boulders and rocks was breathtaking! It was also a display of power that required great respect! It would not be wise for one to fall in!

Then in contrast to this great power were delicate flowers just sprouting out from the rocky soil. Tiny violets that were not only violet in color but yellow and white as well! I have never in my entire life seen tiny yellow and white violets. On another hike with a similar contrast of nature's power and delicacy we were able to see the Avalanche Lily. This flower only grows at higher altitudes and springs out of soil that has been heavily snowpacked. It only lasts for a brief period just after the snow melt and before summer heat claims it.

Photo: Avalance Lillies off the Quarry RoadWe also saw mountain lion scat (if you do not know the meaning of scat, it is the end results a meal, if you know what I mean). And yes, I have a pamphlet of various animal scat so as to know what is lurking around when in the backcountry. The scat of a mountain lion always has fur in it from the remains of the last meal. Joy and I made lots of noise so that said mountain lion would not come out of some hidden spot and try a diet change!

In contrast to the gratefully hidden mountain lion were the delicate tiny blue butterflies flitting and flying around in some delightful dance. The air was also filled with the distinct sound of the lovely broad-tailed hummingbirds. They were quite
brash and flew all around us while we picnicked.

Is this not unlike Almighty God? He is all powerful and in one sense must be feared as in held in great respect and honor! For we as humans cannot grasp Him in all of His glory! Yet He creates and cares for the very tiniest and most delicate of His creation. And more often than not, we are the delicate ones in the midst of the All Powerful.