Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday....Today is the day that Christians everywhere remember the great sacrifice of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.We had our Good Friday service tonight in our little historical Marble Community Church. It was a somber service as Good Friday services are meant to be. Because today Christians remember the death of Jesus.

During the service the congregations brought up sins, requests, struggles, broken hearts, whatever may be in their souls and nailed them to a cross made from a tree with the rough bark still on. I was humbled to see children with great interest nail their little cards with whatever they wrote to the cross. I was humbled to see elderly folks kneel tentatively with limbs that do not work as well as in younger days and nail whatever was on their hearts to the cross. I was humbled to remember the price that was paid for us. I was humbled and somewhat anguished to hear as each person pounded the nails. The sound of the nails..........Then at the end Jon read the scripture,"It is finished."..........Then in the silence he extinguished the light of the Christ candle........."It is finished."

But Christians have hope because we know Sunday is coming......And with its coming is the great hope that we all await!........One day because of what Christ did for us there will be a great resurrection! There will be a great reunion! Yes, we as Christians know that Sunday is coming........

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