Friday, June 21, 2013

Photo: Proof that I was there.
Hike to Schofield Pass......Our little hiking team hiked to Schofield Park and I continued up to the actual pass. This was a new hike for us and was filled with many surprises. There were unusual columbines (wildflower) in different shapes and unusual colors. There were numerous waterfalls from the melting snowpack. There was one bear but he was across the canyon and I might add for Mother's sake, unable to get to us! In the Schofield Park there was tundra (because we were at 10,000 feet), wetlands, and copious amounts of Avalanche Lilies and delicate white Marsh Lilies. Yes, I did sing "The Sound of Music" once!

The hike was a long one and we got .7 miles from the Schofield Pass which was always MY destination. However Jon and Joy had enough of the hike and decided they wanted to head back. I looked at them and said, "Oh no, I am out-voted!" Imagine that! Joy, seeing my disappointment, told me that since I was fast that I could go on up to the Pass and catch up with them as they headed back. Jon was quiet. I thought about it.....(remember the hiking rule, do not hike alone.) I asked Jon if he thought it was stupid for me to continue and he responded yes but that it had never stopped me before so I could just go ahead.

The path up to the Pass was a dirt road and not the rocky slopes that got us to the point that we were. I was following hiking rules 2 and 3: someone knew where I was going and I was not going to bushwack. So I reasoned it should be safe to go ahead and that is what I did. I got up to the Pass and took a picture of the sign to prove that I had made it. Thus I had to hurry to catch up with the "hiking team" that was on the return trip.

As I began the fast-pace back, I was alone over the flats, the alpine meadow of Schofield Park. I saw the tundra, the wetlands, the flowers, the surrounding mountains, the blue cloud-patched sky and I became tearful at the beauty! Of all the babies born on April 17th, 1957 how was it that I was so blessed to be experiencing this moment! It was just God, me and His majestic creation! I was surrounded by His wonderful imagination and was aware that I too was a part of this brilliant canvas in which there are not enough words to describe! The humbling part is that out of all creation He loved me enough to send His son to die for my transgressions and to live again so that I could one day be called home to be with Him for I allowed myself the quiet tears because truly there were no words adequate for the moment!

As a side note I did catch up with my hiking team and thus am able to write this!

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