Sunday, December 22, 2013

Peace and sorrow..........Yesterday I had the honor and blessing to sit with a friend here in Marble. It was no ordinary time. My friend's husband went to be with his Maker in the early hours of the morning. I drove my jeep up the snowy road and parked at the top of her drive. As I walked down to her house the sun was shining weakly through the clouds. She had two trees with decorations on them along the drive. It was crisp and cold. There was no noise at all, only silence. My walk to her door was somber but extremely peaceful. It was as if all of God's peace blanketed the house. So I felt sorrow and experienced peace intertwined together becoming a part of my heart.

We sat together just us two. Her tall Christmas tree proclaimed the season and the Christmas music filled the background around us. There were snowflakes dancing outside her picture windows and a fire roaring in her fireplace. At times there were tears and at other times just shared memories. I felt so blessed to share the quiet with her. Yes even in the sorrow there was peace. There are simply no other words to express what I experienced sitting with my friend........Peace and sorrow.

"Therefore the Lord will give you a sign. The virgin will give birth to a son and he will be called Immanuel.....(God with us.) the prophet Isaiah

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