Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sweat.......there is one thing that I have missed since living in Marble, CO and that is the gym. All those years that Jon was in the Air Force I took advantage of the base gym. I always got to know the gym regulars and they knew me. We would all look at the January newcomers and make wagers on who would last till February. I have missed that because Marble has no gym. That shouldn't be a surprise because we have no grocery store, no place to buy gas and only one restaurant that opens only during the summer. We have no problem staying in great cardiovascular shape because we hike up everywhere. But I discovered today that I really and truly miss the gym!

My brother got me a week free membership at his gym while I am in NC. Today I went to the gym. I got on the treadmill and could run with ease because I am now at sea level from the 8000 ft. where I live. I got off to lift weights. I loved being able to bench press. I loved all the testosterone grunting as men lifted heavier and heavier reps. I loved the estrogen fueled softer grunting as serious women did their weight routines. I loved the smell of sweat!!! Yes there is nothing like the sounds of a gym and the smell of sweat as people get in shape! Who would of believed that I like the smell of sweat in the gym!

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