Saturday, October 15, 2016

Diversion......So Starbuck and I were on our way to enjoy a bit of peace at Lizard Lake. We began our hike at the hot laborious haul up Daniel's Hill. We only include that climb for the added exercise. I was so looking forward to sitting by Lizard Lake and just enjoying the quiet. Weelll, to my surprise, (Starbuck really didn't care), there was a backhoe up on the 4-wheel drive only road doing work just before the lake! Believe me when I say, it is a rare event to see work done on this treacherous Lead King Loop!
My first reaction was irritation. It was man-made noise after all. I go into the back country to avoid such. Starbuck and I had just paused by the river and I thought, why don't we go down there and have our snack and a sort of peace; you could still hear the backhoe. So we made our way down to a spot in which I had never been, found a large rock shaped like a seat of sorts that hung a little over the river, I secured Starbuck by me and sat down with my snack.....diversion.
The river was clear and running, making that soothing noise that rivers have made through the ages; their own music of the soul. It made the noise of the backhoe recede into the background. From my perch on the rock while eating my yogurt, I was watching this aspen tree with the few gold leaves remaining. They actually reflected the light of the sun making them glow. The breeze had each leaf quaking, shaking in a little dance individually of its own. A few would let go of their tenuous hold to the tree and drift to earth in their final stage of life, death, in a graceful and lovely ballet!......diversion.
I was still on the water. It was just God, Starbuck, and me, backhoe long forgotten. I reflected on aging and how that it is sometimes a very difficult process. I said a prayer within my heart that I, like the aspens, could reflect the light of God as they do the light of the sun. I said a prayer within my heart that even if dying became a difficult process that it would in someway be the final ballet for me.....diversion.
Alas, Starbuck and I rose to make our way up and out from the river. I continued to reflect on what I saw and prayed, moved deeply by the Holy Spirit. I thought of all those whose lives that were not, nor ever had been, easy. I thought of all those living in the wretched conditions of war and disaster. And I asked the question within my soul, can the end of life be beautiful like the aspens for all? Can dying be a ballet for all? I heard an answer in my soul, "For Me, child, it is." I began to weep.......diversion.
We are so bound to earth as humanity that we forget that the eternal plan is in the ballet of death where we then meet our maker. In the meantime, perhaps it is simply our call to reflect the light of the Son and dance in the breeze of the Holy Spirit as best we can, in whatever our circumstance.
So friend, you may set out on one trail, but never forget, there are wonderful sights and lessons in the Diversions! May we have "eyes to see and ears to hear."

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