Thursday, November 3, 2011

Living in between two wilderness areas in the middle of the Colorado mountains has some interesting experiences involved. Our community of Marble is located between the Maroon Bells/Snowmass wilderness area and the Jagged wilderness area. Now is the time that the bears are beginning to hibernate. We have one in particular that found a source of food in our 'backyard' neighbor's house. This resourceful bear was able to tear into a part of the 100 year old home and find the cat food which he quickly consumed. So since then he keeps reappearing. It seems that bears do not forget a success!!

Since he frequents our neighbors, we often find tracks around our house. Last night around 9pm, I heard our bearproof garbage can banging around. Jon and I immediately knew "our" bear was back. We ran to the windows to get a glimpse of him but turning on the lights must have scared him off. However our garbage can had been moved quite a ways and turned over. Jon made the comment that the bear was showing up early. Do bears have clocks? Are they not big enough and strong enough to show up when they darn well please?

Later Jon (of course I am not going to face a bear) had to take our yellow lab out for her last potty break. I turned on every light in the house and outside, stayed in the house trying to find the whistle to scare any wildlife away. Well they made it safely in but the said bear's tracks were everywhere and Jon placed the garbage can in its rightful place.

I have decided to name said bear. I call him Bear!

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