Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mudslides and our church....

Mudslides and our church.........Thank God we have been getting what Colorado calls monsoon rains. It keeps our fire danger down and provides the moisture we always seem to need. However, living between two mountain wilderness areas has provided some interesting outcomes from the moisture.

We have had two mudslides in the same area with two different rains. These mudslides have come down from what is called Gallo Mountain covering the road by way of Slate Creek. As many of you know we have one way in and one way out of Marble. So once the mudslides occur you are either trapped in Marble or trapped out of Marble.

The last mudslide happened while a group of 16-18 Senior Citizens were here on a day trip. You guessed it, they were trapped in Marble. There are a few places to overnight in Marble but everything was full due to the Marble carving seminars that were going on. So Jon opened the church to this group along with 3-4 firemen who were trapped here as well. Hey we have padded pews, he told the people trying to find a place to lodge them. So our little Marble Community Church opened its doors and its small set of 20 padded pews for the Senior Citzens' group. Many of the town folks supplied blankets and pillows. At 10:30 pm I premade the coffee so that all they had to do in the morning was to plug it in. Being a coffee snob myself, I knew what a cup of morning Joe could do to start their day.

So our church literally became a sanctuary for the pilgrims traveling through. May God bless our little church and may it be known as a sanctuary for the tired, the homeless, the people of God and all His creation whether they know Him personally or not. This is my prayer.

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