Saturday, September 21, 2013

So we did the Maroon Pass Trail Hike.........When I go on hikes I try and apply the hike to life and spiritual matters thereby internalizing the hike into my inner life. Jon and I along with another couple who are our friends took on the West Maroon Pass trail. It does not take long in mountain living to realize that when a mountain pass is mentioned that it means climbing or driving up to a particular mountain point and then dropping down to another side. The West Maroon Pass trail leads from Aspen over and down to Schofield Park that gives you access to Crested Butte.

Our hike began at an iconic scene in Colorado called the Maroon Bells which is a view of two famous peaks that are pyramid shaped that are a little more than 14,000 ft in elevation. From the lake at the bottom of these peaks which lies a little above 9000 ft the hiker must hike up to the 12,500 ft pass. Doing the math the trail went up! We began..... We went over rocks and slippery mud and crossed several running streams helping one another by holding out hiking sticks to keep from slipping in and getting completely wet. By the third crossing I ceased to care about wet shoes and wet feet; the goal just became about getting across.

Then we started the above 11,000 ft part. The air is much thinner and breathing became more of an effort. My lungs always tell me when I am at 11,000 ft. We marched on concentrating on one small goal to the next. As we got to 12,000 ft we had 500 more to go to reach the pass. Then it was just a matter of breath step, breath step, sip water, do not look down off the foot path, breath step; you get the idea. Finally we made the pass. Once up there we began cheering on all those we had met on the journey to make the final steps to the top! We took a photo to prove we made it, we ate the second half of our sandwhich, hydrated with fluids and then looked down the other side and thought we have to go all the way down there!!! Oh well that was the only way to the refuge of the car!

We made it down and awaiting us was the car, YEAAAAA!!! and a storybook cabin whose owner had a freshly baked peach pie with homemade whipped cream! I had never tasted a better pie!
So what did I learn? When I think of the hike the word endurance comes to mind. Our spiritual reward goes to those who endure to the end. Along the way God shows us views we never expected to see in our lives. He sends people to cheer us on and gives us the opportunity to cheer others on. And sometimes the way is muddy and sometimes there are streams to cross. Yet those same streams offer a place to refill your water bottle. And sometimes there is the best peach pie you've ever tasted at the end of the trail!

So do not throw away your confidence, it will be richly rewarded.You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised......Hebrew 10:35-36

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