Saturday, April 5, 2014

Do angels wait for us as the sun sets on our earthly lives? I think they may. Do angelic choirs sing for joy as we, God's people go home? I think they may. There is peace much like the disappearing of the sun for the night as you sit by one who is meeting God. This I know, for God honored me by allowing me to be there in those final moments.......As we sang Amazing Grace very softly, did the angels listen or did they sing with us? I think they may. This I know... Jesus awaits us for He told us that He goes and prepares a place for us, that where He is we may be also. I know the Holy Spirit is all around as God's people take their final earthly breath because I felt His presence surrounding us as a friend, a child of God, breathed his last earthly breath. Do angels wait for us as the sun sets on our earthly lives?......I think they may.....

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  1. Peggoty, Thank you for capturing so beautifully this most sacred moment. I am a relative of Mike Preston's from Sacramento CA and am profoundly grateful and inspired by the love of your community.
    Charlene Miller Cardenas