Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sometimes we journey to places that we would not choose. I have been on hikes that had I known what it would be like, I would not have chosen it. Yet once on the hike you have to journey on to get back to "home." You have no choice but to sit down and quit or to keep moving along the trail. Life's journeys are sometimes like that as well.
Yet even on the Hikes from h## there are moments where you just have to laugh or at the very least it makes a good tale for later. And yes even on those hikes you will find places and moments of beauty that draw you into a place of peace.
So it is with life's difficult journeys, if we do not quit and sit it out but just keep moving along the trail, God will give us grace and moments of beauty that draw us into a place of peace. There will be tears and a deep pondering that is tinged with sadness that seems to want to linger. But even in those moments we have the promise that our friend and comforter, the Holy Spirit will sit with us and perhaps catch our tears as if they were precious jewels because they originate from our very souls.

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