Sunday, June 8, 2014

Today is Pentecost Sunday. Jon preached a great sermon on having our hearts always open to being filled with the precious Holy Spirit and to know the power of living a life of repentance and faith in Jesus. He asked how many had ever been inebrieated by spirits such as beer, and he named some more, at one time or another. The congregation was honest and almost everyone raised their hand. We all laughed. Then he asked how many had ever been "inebrieated" by the Holy Spirit. It was a little quieter then. Then he led into on the day of Pentecost many thought the folks were drunk and then Peter set everyone straight with his sermon that ended with 3000 people being added to the church. He challenged us to always have our hearts open to the Holy Spirit and asked us if we were willing to join the 3000 who responded to Peter's sermon in Acts 2.
After church I returned to the parsonage in a cool refreshing mountain rain. I went out on our front porch and listened to the rain. I turned my face up to the mist that was gently blowing onto the porch feeling its wetness. I was still......I breathed in deeply the washed cleansed air.....I experienced the presence of His Holy Spirit and and the quiet peace of God that comes to a still and open heart.....My prayer is that I will stop often and lift my face to His cleansing "rain" and open my heart to His Spirit and His love.......

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