Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The spiritual rejoicing of a Marble pastor and his wife......Our church is a small historical church that is one of the first things you see as you enter the isolated mountain town of Marble. There is a picture of it on my cover photo. The church holds comfortably 80 people;so as Jon says we will never be a mega church. However small churches hold an invaluable role in a community where community can be experienced on a spiritual level.
Sunday was a spiritual high light of our 5 plus years here. We have in Marble legendary mountain men. I call them mountain men because they have lived in the back country in the simplist of situations and have carved out a life in its harsh conditions. They also look the part with their long beards and mountain practical "wears."
We have worked to develop a meaningful relationship with them because they are part of our community and because they have so many interesting stories to tell. We have received invitations to their parties and have attended them to enjoy much laghter and amazement. At one such party, a particularly legendary Marble mountain man told us as he placed an arm around Jon's shoulder, "as soon as I saw you, Jon and Peggoty coming, I knew there was hope for the rest of us. This moved me deeply.
SUNDAY, this legendary mountain man and a couple of his friends came to church for the first time. My heart was filled beyond capacity. I could tell as Jon welcomed them that he was fighting back tears. I cannot express the spirtual fulness this gave the both of us! Paul, you and your friends touched our souls in a way that can never be measured! As you would say, "we love you, brother!"

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